08 | Governance

Code of Conduct

Hafnia’s employees must at all times adhere to high standards of behaviour. The responsibilities and conduct standard are set out in Hafnia’s polices, which include, but not limited to non-harassment, anti-corruption and anti-bribery and whistleblowing. Hafnia’s policies for conduct has been an area of particular focus in 2021 and Hafnia is updating its employee policies on a continuous basis.

Anti-competitive behaviour

Hafnia conducts regular assessments of its business to ensure compliance with applicable competition laws taking into account the market position and size of the fleet and the various jurisdictions in which the vessels operate, in particular in relation to the vessels operating in the pools and joint ventures. Further, Hafnia has a focus on preventing anti-competitive behaviour within all areas of the business and the focus for 2022 is to implement a competition compliance programme applicable to all employees.

Investor relations

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