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Security at Sea

It is vital that we protect our crew and assets from risks in both troubled times and waters. We realize this belief in a number of ways, including fleet-wide initiatives to ensure the security of all our people in the face of piracy, especially in high-risk areas. This includes measures such as the installation of ARX barriers onboard our vessels, to prevent pirates from latching on.

We are proud to report:

  • Zero fatalities due to security incidents
  • Zero casualties due to security incidents
  • Zero days lost due to security incidents
  • Zero harm as a firm target across training

The safety and security of ships, cargo and personnel is critically important to the timely flow of goods and commerce worldwide. Common security threats facing our fleet are piracy, land mines and petty thieves. There are certain high-risk areas through which our vessels transit where the threats are elevated. These include the Gulf of Guinea, the Persian Gulf, and the Gulf of Aden.

We take a risk-based approach and put armed guards as required, secure the vessel and enhance lookout duties to prevent security incidents. All vessels are provided with a safe haven with essential resources including communication equipment.

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