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The shipping industry and climate change

According to OECD, approximately 90% of world trade is facilitated by ships. That is a tremendous task and responsibility. As a result, the shipping industry, according to International Maritime Organization (IMO), is estimated to account for around 3% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report alerts us that humanity’s actions are now pushing the planet’s systems into unsafe territory.

As a leading shipowner and operator, Hafnia has a vital responsibility to contribute towards making the global oil and chemical trades greener. The shipping industry is confronted with the most significant challenge it has ever faced. It will be a long journey: the transformation required cannot happen overnight. All stakeholders must contribute and collaborate to create a pathway for an efficient energy transition. As a part of this, the industry requires support from global regulatory bodies to ensure a level playing field. While the whole shipping industry is making progress in finding sustainable solutions from alternative fuels that limit CO2 emissions to new and improved ship designs, Hafnia too is working on various fronts to make a smooth transition towards a zero-carbon world.


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